Services dtp

our agency provides a desktop publishing service for your translated documents

This could involve a basic requirement to make the document easier to read: inserting bullet points, headings or boxes; adding colour or an appropriate font.

Our DTP service can also cover documents which have to be printed and circulated on a large scale. Our graphic designers will ensure respect for your graphic charter or will suggest one for you.

We also manage documents formatted by you, what we call the final proof, in 35 languages using a variety of media (Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Pdf, Word etc.).

in practice

Simply send us your source files which will be used for the layout in the various languages.

Did you know ?

Different languages can vary in terms of their conciseness – i.e. the number of words in a document can differ between the source text and the target text. For example, if your original document is in French and you would like it to be translated into German, you must allow room for at least an extra 30% of text in the translated version. If not, the translator will have to rework the translation.


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