Would you like to add subtitles your video material to reach a wider audience? Word Illusio works with subtitling specialists. Use our audio-visual service to spread your message far and wide.


Audio-visual translation is a specialist skill best left to translation professionals. In addition to perfect command of their mother tongue and translation processes, they must also be able to master the technology (subtitling software, timecodes, embedding).

People are watching an increasing number of videos and they can have a big impact on the target audience because of how they’re marketed and designed. Videos help clients sell. If you’re trying to expand your potential audience, you need to think internationally and provide content in the language of that audience.

Subtitling services can be broken down into two fields:

  • Traditional subtitles where content is translated and adapted to the target language;
  • Subtitles for those who are deaf or hard of hearing where the content translated and adapted incorporates noises and sound effects.

Word Illusio provides accurate and reliable video subtitling services using mother tongue translators specialising in the client’s field.

in practice

To help us develop your project you need to send us the video requiring subtitles or confirmation of its duration (if it hasn’t been finalised) and information about the participants and contributors, the target audience and the platform which will be used for broadcast.

Which languages require subtitles? Do you already have a script or do we need to produce a transcript first? Would you like the subtitles to be embedded into the videos or will you do that internally or with another service provider?

Material requiring subtitling services

  • YouTube videos
  • Adverts
  • Corporate videos
  • Conferences
  • Training videos
  • Software
  • Webinars
  • Documentaries


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