Areas of Expertise websites and apps


You provide us with extracts from your content and, in return, we will deliver translation files in the same format: php, html, xml, excel, word, etc. Our translation assistance tool means we can respect the structure of your files and isolate the code. If you already have a back office department for integrating multilingual content, provide us with your access codes and we will translate directly from your platform.


Translating your website is an extremely important matter. It is a window into your work; it represents you. What could be better than advertising your products and your services in several languages in order to reach as many target markets as possible? You are introducing yourself to the world and the quality of the translation must match the expectations of your overseas visitors.

The translation of your web pages may include advertising, marketing, information, legal or technical content. Word Illusio analyses the content in detail so as to best target the translator and their speciality.

Word Illusio has been entrusted with :

  • Multilingual copywriting projects with regular updates. Our translation assistance tool can recognise which text is new and what has already been translated.
  • Translation of online assistance, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and the answers provided by your teams.
  • Culinary apps (recipes, techniques, etc.), apps connected to security or banking, and tourism and cultural apps.



Are you looking to expand your multilingual services or develop your business overseas?
Word Illusio will be by your side, helping you every step of the way!