Areas of Expertise transport and logistics


Clarity and precision are the key words in this field. Are you setting up a new multilingual procedure in your department? Do you need to contact travellers to inform them of a delay or a reimbursement? Word Illusio will do its utmost to see your project through to the end so that you reach your destination safe and sound.


As movement around the globe continues to grow, rigorous procedures must be followed, be it in the field of road, rail, maritime or air transport. Our translators give your documents their closest attention and are always on time!

This issue involves us all, individuals and professionals. Word Illusio can handle all your content with professionalism and confidentiality, be it for a software training module or a logistical procedure.

Your requirements may include :

  • Quality process
  • Stock management reports
  • Technical manuals for devices or machines
  • Translation of administrative documents
  • Translation of specifications
  • Purchase orders



Are you looking to expand your multilingual services or develop your business overseas?
Word Illusio will be by your side, helping you every step of the way!