Areas of Expertise Leisure and Tourism


Would you like to set up a tour of Paris for tourists? Word Illusio would be delighted to help you offer it in several languages. We’d even test it for you! Days out, parks, treasure hunts, long-distance hikes, sports, campsites, hotels, etc. – enthusiasts will be in charge of translating your content.


According to the World Tourism Organization, France is the world’s leading tourist destination. To promote your services and therefore develop tourism in the regions, consider welcoming your visitors in their own language.
This could interest you if you manage a campsite, a hotel, rental accommodation available throughout the year or only for holidays. If you work at a large leisure centre or holiday resort and have establishments across the world. If you organise team building or sporting events, etc.

Your requirements may include :

  • Tourist brochures and maps
  • Maps of cities, itineraries
  • Treasure hunts, puzzles, escape games
  • Tourist apps or websites
  • Press releases and newsletters
  • Sporting events (adverts, flyers, etc.)
  • Host charter, rental contracts
  • Restaurant and bar maps
  • Activity booklets
  • Orienteering, long-distance hikes

Anything which provides visitors with information and guides them through their stay can be translated. If the information is put across properly and visitors enjoy their stay, they’ll come back!




Are you looking to expand your multilingual services or develop your business overseas?
Word Illusio will be by your side, helping you every step of the way!